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About This Bond Servant Of Jesus Christ


Apostle J Tyrone & Lady Pamela Campbell welcome you to The Apostolic Center. T.A.C. a non-profit christian organization that is reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to meet the needs of mankind. Join us in this time of revival as we see the lives of men and women transformed for the glory of God. We invite you to join us for an inspiring time of worship and encouragement. Make plans now to attend one of our weekend service as we unite together to sing praises to our Lord and hear a message from God's word, that will make a lasting difference in your life. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Loving God, Equipping People, Mentoring Leaders, Reaching Nations and to make a positive impact upon the Hampton Roads Area, and ultimately this nation, by creating an atmosphere in which all are welcome-a place where all individuals and families can grow and flourish and be sent out to do the work of the ministry.


Laying Apostolic Foundations In The 21st Century We the Voice and the Hand that encourages people to change their lives with hope, comfort and peace.

Building A Modern Day Book Of Acts Church

The Blind See

Today, after years and years  of trials and testing, of purging and refining, God is able to use this God called Apostle. This Apostolic Leader compassion and powerful demonstration of God's power transcends denominational lines, touching people's lives one at a time!  God has given him a gift to impart faith that brings about the miraculous, manifesting physical healings, breaking yokes, and setting the captives free! From creative physical miracles to deep inner healings, whether through healing crusades, revivals, television, radio or the internet, testimonies continue to confirm that the same Healing Jesus who healed Dr campbell, is still available to heal people today.

Prophetic Word Encounter

I have not disqualified you, says the Lord. I am not the one who disqualifies you. I am not listening to the accuser, therefore don't YOU listen to the accuser. You have an Advocate before My throne. He has nail prints in His hands and scars on His back taken for you. The very moment My resurrected Son stepped into the throne room on high - I accepted His suffering as the substitute for any punishment that you were due. Accept the suffering of the Savior in your behalf. Let the past go. Be cleansed and not only cleansed-be set free from every chain that has bound you

Ministering To The Sick

 Apostolic Leader  Dr J.Tyrone Campbell has experienced the power of God and seen the miraculous- tumors vanished; deaf ears made to hear; cancer cells die,ulcers,arthritis, various sicknesses and   diseases healed; demons cast out,barren wombs conceived,the power of addictions broken, curses removed, jobs restored,lives tranformed. The ministry of Apostle Campbell is defined by the radical demonstration of God's power which denies any further questions.

Come Ready For A Visitation From God

The Gathering

Sunday at 2:00pm Thursday night at 7:00pm  And the disciples went everywhere preaching, and the Lord was with them and confirmed what they said by the miracles that followed their messages. Mark 16:20.

Miracles In The City Revival

Every Thursday night Miracles In the city revival @ 7:00pm at the Apostolic Center In Hampton,Va we will be Setting The Captives Free by the power of the Holy Spirit. If you know people that are hurting, bound by the devil, sick and afflicted bring them to the Apostolic Center A Place For Healing And Revival!

Cover The City Prayer Force

Covering the city with His Presence and Power is a ministry of intercessory prayer for all the people of every kindred, tribe and nation  and the seven cities of the hampton roads area. A called out core of  people who care at a high level for Revival for this area and around the world! A voice crying in the wilderness that this Gospel of Jesus Christ would be heard, believed and received!

Word Of The Week

 Sick people were brought out into the streets on beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow would fall across some of them as he went by! And crowds came in from the Jerusalem suburbs, bringing their sick folk and those prossessed by demons; and every one of them was healed. Acts 5: 15-16, The Living Bible

Equipping God’s People

Demonstrating and imparting the supernatural.We live in a day when God is working mightily to restore signs and wonders to the Church.For too long we have relied on our intellect,human wisdom,and persuasive words-the very things Paul refused to put his confidence in. come and be apart of the Thursday night bible study.

Prophetic Worship

Pamela Campbell is co-founder of The Apostolic Center with her husband, Dr Campbell. She has a prophetic anointing, the word prophetic in this context means "hearing God in your heart and communicating what He says." To prophesy is to speak (or sing) by "inspiration." Sometimes the music and lyrics during a prophetic worship service are said to be " the song of the Lord." because  of the belief that the musicians and the song  leaders were "inspired" to speak God's word- in the same way that the Old Testament prophets were.

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At TAC, we firmly believe in the power of prayer!


TAC Main Office welcomes members and visitors during weekday hours by appointment only from Monday to Friday. Our phone lines are also open  on Saturdays  & Sundays. We look forward to connecting with you.  For general inquiries or to give a  financial gift to  TAC, you may connect with us in the following ways: Main Office Phone: 757-230-3765 E-mail:  For Donations, we accept online via PayPal. You may mail your letters, gifts or written prayer requests  to TAC.

The Apostolic Center

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Weekly Church Services: Atmosphere For Revival Sundays @2pm & Thursdays @7pm

Are You Facing The Fearful Lonely Darkness Of The Midnight Hour? Has Everyone Given You Up, Said There’s No Hope, It’s Too Late...Impossible? I Want To Pray For You And Your Impossible Needs Every Sunday At 2:00pm; Dear Friend One Of The Most Powerful Faith Stories In All Of The Bible Is The Account O f Paul And Silas, Beaten And Thrown In  Prison For Preaching The Gospel And Delivering People From The Power Of The Devil In Acts 16 Come Out This Week And Received Your Miracle